Chestnut Y3 2016/17

St Augustine's School

Chestnut Y3 2016/17

Christian Prayer

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Today in RE we talked about Christian prayer looking at the following questions:

  • Where do Christians pray?
  • How do Christians pray?
  • When do Christians pray?
  • Do Christians have a special prayer?

Can you remember the answers to any of the above questions?

We also had a go at writing our own prayers.

Dear Lord

Thank you for my family and friends.

I am sorry for not doing the right thing at school.

In the future I hope to get a great job.

Can you hep me have a nicer life?

Amen  (Jamie)


Dear God

I am sorry for when I kicked my mum’s wall.

Thank you for my life and my family and I hope my brother gets better.

Amen (Gabriel)


Dear God

Thank you for making the world and our homes and our family and friends, even schools.

I am sorry for not being bad and nasty to my brothers and my sisters, even some of my friends.

How did you make the world?

I hope my little baby brother doesn’t bang his head any more and please can you make my brothers good.

Amen (Max)



Skip To Be Fit 

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Practising our skipping whilst the weather was nice this morning. 



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Well done again to this young lady, she’s achieved yet another bronze certificate. 



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Once again a big well done to this young lady for achieving three Mathletics certificates in the last three weeks, two bronze and one silver. 


Palm Crosses

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Today in RE we read the Easter story & thought really carefully about how the disciples might have felt at various points during Holy Week. For example when they entered Jerusalem with Jesus and everyone was waving palm branches we thought they would have felt excited where as when Jesus was taken away by the guards they probably felt worried and upset. 

We then had the tricky job of making our own palm crosses. It was definitely tricky but I think you will agree our crosses our unique. 



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Today in PE we worked together in small groups to create different shapes with our bodies. We explored how we could make the shapes low, medium, high, wide and thin. We had a great time & worked really well together, some of us are clearly naturally leaders! 


Staff Talent Show

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Once you have watched all the ACTS below please then vote once on your favourite one.







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Well done to this young lady for achieving another bronze certificate. Keep up the good work. 


Fun in the Sun

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Tesco – Farm to Fork

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Today some of us went to Tesco to explore healthy eating. We carried out three activities whilst we were in the Gateford store.

1. We found fruit and vegetables of the following colours: red, green, yellow/orange and purple.

2. We explored the sugar content of our favourite cereals. Recorded the actual content and then ranked them in order from highest sugar content to the lowest.

3. We tasted some healthy food including cucumber, prunes, tzatziki and pitta bread.

We had a great time and would like to thank the family members who kindly supported us on our visit and Jo from Tesco.